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FullStack Developer, IT Guy & proud HomeLabber

About Me

Hello 👋!

I'm Lemonz 🍋.

This is my Website and my internet identity.

I'm 🤫 years old and I live in Northern Italy and i freaking love 😺s.

I work as FullStack Developer, mainly focused on PHP / NodeJS on the Backend and HTML / CSS / JavaScript (jQuery, VueJS) on Frontend.

In my free time, when I don't go out 🍻 and 😏,

I experiment ... mainly Networking and IT, but also new technologies.
One thing I love is looking for self-hosted software and service alternatives (e.g. GitLab).

Although many times in the end I don't keep them active.

In my basement I have a 26U Rack Cabinet with 3 rackmount servers and 2 towers with a Mikrotik Switch and a Mikrotik Router.. All of this powered by ✨1Gbps FTTH connection by Navigabene!